Local Counsel

VIV_DETROITViviano, Pagano & Howlett PLLC regularly serves as local counsel in Macomb County and in the Metropolitan Detroit area.  From complex litigation to substantial commercial real estate transactions, we are uniquely positioned to provide high-level, cost-effective local counsel services.

We are ready to assist in any capacity required, including filing pleadings and providing advice on local practice and procedures, sharing our insights on state and federal judges, conducting legal research, or taking a more substantial role in litigation or transactions.  We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver services that go beyond simple “mail-drop” engagements and are prepared to offer legal insights, as well as local insights.

We routinely utilize local counsel for out-of-state client needs, and we know that well-utilized local counsel can be a difference-maker.  We are ready to be the difference for you.