Commercial Property Tax Appeal

It’s property tax season.  By now, all commercial property owners should have received their Notice of Assessment for their 2016 property taxes from the Michigan Department of Treasury.  If you’re considering a new tax appeal, here are a few basic tips:
  1. The deadline to appeal your property’s assessment is May 31, 2016.  MCL 205.735a(6).
  2. You can only appeal your 2016 assessment.  MCL 211.2(2) states, “[t]he taxable status of * * * real * * * property for a tax year shall be determined as of each December 31 of the immediately preceding year.”
  3. Generally, you’re required to pay the property taxes when they become due, but this requirement may be waived at tribunal’s discretion.  MCL 205.743(1) states “If the date set by law for the payment of taxes has passed, the tribunal shall not make a final decision on the entire proceeding until the taxes are paid. This requirement may be waived at the tribunal’s discretion.”
It’s important to note that if you miss the May 31, 2016 filing deadline, you will lose your right to appeal the assessment.